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State Bank Of Mysore IFSC Code

About State Bank of Mysore

State Bank of Mysore is founded by Sir M. Visvesvaraya in 2nd October 1913 in Bengaluru that is nearly 102 years ago. It exclusively deals in Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance and allied industries. Its predecessor is “The Bank of Mysore Ltd”. Its head quarter is located in Bengaluru, in the state of Karnataka, in South India. At present, it has 9 Extension counters and 976 Branches. The area served is within India. The key people associated with this bank are Arundhati Bhattacharya who holds the position of Chairman and Sharad Sharma who holds the position of Managing Director. As on 30 Jun 2014, its number of employees is 10,627, supervisory staffs are 3,588 and non-supervisory staffs are 7,039.


State Bank of Mysore deals with exclusive products such as Deposits, C & I Banking Schemes, Personal Banking Schemes, SME Banking Schemes, Agri Banking Schemes and many more for its esteemed existing and potential customers in the open market. It comes with slogan as “Working for a better tomorrow”. Its parent is State Bank of India that holds 90.00% shares. As on 31 Mar 2014, Total equity indicated an increase of 3988 Crores. The services offered by this bank are Loans, ATM Services, NRI Services, Deposits, Mobile Banking, Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Transactions, Internet Banking, Debit Card and National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT).


What is IFSC Code?

IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) is an alphanumeric code which specifically identifies a Bank Branch participating in the two main Electronic Funds settlement system in India like Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). IFSC code is utilized by the NEFT & RTGS to route the messages to the destination branches. IFSC code comprises of 11 characters that identifies bank branches participating in online fund transfers.


IFSC Code for SBM

SBM IFSC code is utilized by both the RTGS and NEFT systems. State Bank of Mysore RTGS, NEFT and IMPS codes are provided by RBI. In this bank, RTGS transactions are settled individually and NEFT transactions are settled in branches. IMPS provide the facility to transfer money online 24*7.


How to Find State Bank of Mysore IFSC Codes

The table alongside offers the SBM IFSC code list. One may use IFSC code finder to search out IFSC code of bank branch for RTGS and NEFT transaction. You can also find IFSC codes of State Bank of Mysore. Narrow down the search to find out IFSC code of branches either by choosing any particular state from the drop down list or by choosing the state from the table.


Search State Bank of Mysore IFSC Codes

You can find out approximately 1077 + IFSC codes of State Bank of Mysore.


What is MICR Code?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It contains numeric values and usually printed on cheque leaves. It is mainly used for processing cheques easily.


How to Search MICR Code of SBM?

SBM MICR code is given in table alongside. Along this information, details such as address as well as contact numbers are also offered. You may narrow down search either by choosing any particular state from the drop down list or by choosing the state from State Bank of Mysore MICR codes list given on the right side. One may find MICR Codes of SBM branches here. 

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State Bank Of Mysore IFSC Code News:

State bank of Mysore sanctions foreign LC Bill discounting limit of Rs 20 crore to Modi Udyog Limited

The state bank of Mysore has sanctioned to Modi Udyog limited a foreign letter of credit discounting limit of Rs 20 Crore.The Modi Udyog Limited started export by receiving an export order of Rs 50 Crores. On BSE the shares of state bank of Mysore were traded for Rs 695.15 as compared to earlier close of Rs 657.45 . The high recorded during one day was of Rs 723.15 and the low was Rs 679.

Letters of Credit bill discounting is the financial arrangement between client and the financier. The seller may request that the buyer get a letter of credit from a financial institution so that  he is protected from the rare occasion/possibility of non payment. In this case if the buyer defaults the bank pays the seller.

Bill discounting not suitable for the letter of credit tenor is more than 180 days. Letter of credit involves payment in stages over a long period of time. Its applicable for some turnkey projects. A major fraction of letters of credit value is formed by retention money.

Payment that is withheld and will be paid upon the happening of a certain event  is called retention money.

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