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Kerala Gramin Bank IFSC Code

About Kerala Gramin Bank

It is to be remembered that in 1976, South Malabar Gramin Bank and North Malabar Gramin Bank was founded in the open market. Later, in 2013, Kerala Gramin Bank was established in a successful manner. Its headquarters is located at Malappuram, in the state of Kerala, in South India. Its area served is within the state of Kerala. The key person associated with this bank is Shaji K.V who at present holds the post of Chairman. The products of this particular bank are Consumer banking, Finance and insurance, Corporate banking, Mortgage loans, Savings, Private banking, Securities, Wealth management and Asset management.

The owners of Kerala Gramin Bank are Canara Bank, Government of India and Government of Kerala. It comes with slogan as Keralas Own Bank. It is to be noted that Indias largest Regional Rural Bank (RRB) with approximately Rs.20,000 crore of business is Kerala Gramin Bank. On the other hand, among all the commercial banks operating in Kerala, KGB has the third largest branch network with 294 kiosk banking outlets, 570branches, 3 ultra small branches, 4 service branches, more than 230 ATMs and 10 regional offices across the state. Among all major banks of Kerala, the Credit-Deposit Ratio of this particular bank is above 100%, which is the actually highest in the given market.


About North Malabar Gramin Bank

North Malabar Gramin Bank is one of the leading public sector banks that are sponsored by Syndicate Bank in the state of Kerala in India. In 1976, it was established as per Regional Rural Banks Act of 1976 as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in order to largely provide banking and financial facilities in the North Malabar region. Its head quarter is located in Kannur. Initially, it was a Regional Rural Bank in Kerala. As of 14 June 2013, it operated in seven districts of Kerala state with 222 branches in a successful manner. It is to be remembered that before its amalgamation, this particular bank perfectly distinguished itself as one of the few profit making Regional Rural Banks in India.

It is to be noted that per a Government of India notification, on 8 July 2013, North Malabar Gramin Bank which is sponsored by Syndicate Bank plus South Malabar Gramin Bank that is sponsored by Canara Bank were in a successful manner amalgamated into a single entity as the Kerala Gramin Bank, with its head office located at Malappuram in Norther Kerala, and Canara Bank as the sponsor bank, after rightly consulting NABARD, which is the concerned sponsor banks plus the Government of Kerala.

What is IFSC Code?

IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code. It is basically used for electronic payment such as RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) and CFMS (Centralized Funds Management Service) developed by RBI. It is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a Bank Branch that participates in the two main Electronic Funds Settlement Systems in India. IFSC code comprises of 11 characters e.g. – KLGB0******. The first 4-characters represent the entity. Fifth position has been defaulted with a ‘0’ for future use. The last 6 – characters denotes the branch identity.


• Kerala Gramin Bank IFSC code is needed for NEFT and RTGS transactions. These codes are provided by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and also unique for each branch.
• The Kerala Gramin Bank IFSC code starts with KLGB00***** and last five digits varies from branch to branch. The IFSC code for branches is the last six digits i.e. KLGB0******.

How to utilize Kerala Gramin Bank IFSC code for NEFT & RTGS fund transfer?

• Kerala Gramin Bank IFSC code is required to do online fund transfer. A list of KGB IFSC code is provided in order to find out branch. This knowledge may also be used in online banking. With this code we can also do online payments such as Mobile Recharge, Railway Ticket Booking, Online shopping and so forth.

What is MICR Code?

• MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It contains numeric values and usually printed on cheque leaves. It is mainly used for processing cheques easily.
• Kerala Gramin Bank Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) code contains numerical values only; it comes with nine digit code. It is printed usually on cheque leaves. It is largely MICR Code is used for processing cheques easily. KGB has NEFT supported branches; most of these branches have MICR Code number.

KG Bank MICR Code
• Kerala Gramin Bank have MICR code containing numeric values. KG Bank have NEFT supported branches and also most of these branches have MICR code number.

How to Search MICR Code of Kerala Gramin Bank?

• Initially you have to choose the state where your branch is located.
• Then you have to choose your city where your branch is situated
• Now, select your branch of to find MICR Code.

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