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Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank IFSC Code

About Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank

Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd was established in December, 1973 in the open market in a successful manner. It has completed nearly four decades of committed and dedicated service to the esteemed customers of the city of Kalyan and its surrounding areas with a lot of perfection. With a business mix of approximately Rs. 2710 crores, the bank has made immense progress and development. It has in its hold over 40000 shareholders and client base of more than 3 lakhs who are really satisfied with this bank. It is popularly known as “Janata Bank” that means “Peoples Bank”. It has really set a standard in customer service.

Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd was founded by Advocate Bhaurao Sabnis and Shri. Vasantrao Purohit who took the large initiatives in order to open this bank for the middle class people of Kalyan. It rose to fame when the Kalyan Peoples Co Operative Bank had failed in the open market. It started its journey with three employees, share capital of Rs. 50,000/-, in a 180 sq.ft. office and deposits of Rs. 80,000/-. The board of directors, staffs and employees are known for their hard work that is perfectly blended with dedication and commitment. It has made its presence in the market with these efforts in a successful manner.

IFSC Code For Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank

Indian Financial System Code is abbreviated as IFSC code. It is an alphanumeric code that helps in many bank applications particularly in case of financial transactions. It is mostly used for RTGS and NEFT fund transfer systems. These codes are unique codes for every particular banch and are provided by Reserve Bank of India. Fund transfer within the bank or in the different bank is done with the help of IFSC codes.

How to Find IFSC Code for Kalyan Janata Bank

Finding the IFSC Code is a simple task particularly if you are known to world of internet. Simply entering the details such as name of the state, name of the branch along with Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd, on any search engine would come up with the list of websites that would give you the respective IFSC code. IFSC code comprises of bank code then a zero for further use and lastly the branch code i.e. KJSB0******.

Kalyan Janata Bank MICR Code

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code is mainly used for handling cheque clearance and other bank documents. It is present at the bottom of every cheque. It can be easily read by humans unlike the bar codes.

How to Search Kalyan Janata Bank MICR Code

MICR Code for Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank is the numeric code which can be searched through any search engine just by entering the details of the branch, state and bank. There are ample amount of websites available online that provide the details of bank and its branch therefore it is another crucial task to check the authenticity of the information. This means that the IFSC code or MICR code provided by that website must be correct and accurate as per the branch details.

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