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Kalupur Bank IFSC Code

About Kalupur Commercial Cooperative Bank

Kalupur Commercial Cooperative Bank is popularly known as Kalupur Bank in the open market. It was established on 5th December 1970. It comes with a motto as "Development by Services". It functions with a working capital of Rs. 5242.90 Crore. It is an active member of Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd (CIBIL). It comes with well-established Demat departments. It has more than 27,500 Account holders in its hold in the market. This particular bank comes with ASBA facility and Forex Department in an exclusive manner. It has obtained the Authorised Dealer Category -1 license from the concerned author of the government.

Kalupur Commercial Cooperative Bank is the first Co-op Bank in order to get Authorised Dealer Category -1 license plus the only Co-op Bank in the state of Gujarat. This bank comes with 43 ATMS, Facility of Government Tax Collection, Facility of Air conditioned Hall in Locker, all types of attractive Loan and Deposit products are available, all branches connected under CBS and facility of RTGS/ NEFT/ NECS/ NFS. It has more than 43,600 Share holders in its hold to a great extent. It exclusively deals in seven foreign currencies that are Australian, NZD, JPY, EURO, GBP and USD. With Bloomberg screen, it has its modern dealing rooms well equipped with a lot of perfection.

IFSC Code for Kalupur Commercial Coop Bank

Indian Financial System Code or IFSC code is an alphanumeric code issued by Reserve bank of India to each and every branch of the bank. These codes are unique to the branch of the particular bank. It helps in online transaction along with RTGS/NEFT Fund Transfer. It comprises of 11 characters which consist of both number and alphabets with the first four characters to be alphabets. For example: KCCB0******

How to Find Kalupur Bank IFSC Codes

With the help of branch detail of the Kalupur Bank, state location, one can easily search for the Kalupur Bank IFSC code. Before utilizing the information i.e. the code provided by any website from the Google search engine, it is really important to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the code given. Apart from this you can visit to the particular branch office and ask for the Kalupur Commercial Coop Bank IFSC code. At the help desk you may be surely helped with correct information.


MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It contains numeric values and usually printed on cheque leaves. It is mainly used for processing cheques easily.

How to Search Kalupur Bank MICR Code?

Kalupur Commercial Coop Bank MICR code can be fetched with the correct details such as address of the particular branch of the bank. MICR code of Kalupur Bank can also be fetched from the local branch of the Bank where you get the exact and correct information.

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