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Jalgaon Janata Bank IFSC Code

About Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank

In the year 1979, Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd was initially laid in the open market. In 2000, this bank gained in a successful manner the status of a scheduled bank. At present, it comes with over 34 branches. It is to be remembered that most of the bank branches are located in Jalgaon. In line with new generation banking facilities, it is among the leading modernized scheduled bank. It comes with RTGS, MICR and NEFT codes which are very critical for online banking. On the other hand, the IFSC code for each branch which is established uniquely by the RBI.

Jalgaon Janata Bank comes with the IFSC code starts with JJSB0******. Its popular products are Loans, Credit Cards, Savings, Investment vehicles, etc. It serves institutional, corporate, commercial and individual clients spread in the open market. It also comes with perfect blend of the ingenuity of its people and innovative technologies. Jalgaon Janata Sahkari Bank comes with dedicated and committed banking activities and its related affairs according to the needs and requirements of its esteemed clients and customers in the open market. It stands with proudest by the customers and clients prosperous and progressive phases of life.

IFSC Code of Jalgaon Janata Bank

Just like many other banks RTGS and NEFT are the two most common fund transfer techniques with Jalgaon Janata Bank too. To carry out the process through any of these electronic methods you will need the ifsc code of Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank ltd branch you are transacting with.
• It is an eleven character code.
• The first six characters are JJSB0******.
• The next five digits of the IFSC code are unique to all the branches.
• It is different for each branch so that the branch can be easily identifiable.

How to Find IFSC Code of Jalgaon Janata Bank

There are many options through which you can get the ifsc code of your bank branch. Either go to the bank and ask for it or search it on the internet. It is not a tricky task to do so. Quite simple and user friendly websites provide these details. You just need to enter the bank name, state name and district name along with the branch name to get the ifsc code. Narrowed search will help you in getting the code even more easily.

MICR Code of Jalgaon Janata Bank

Jalgaon Janata Banks provide a MICR code which is machine readable. It helps in easy processing of cheques. When a cheque is sent for clearing this code is read by the device. One can easily find this code at the bottom of every cheque issued by the Jalgaon Janata Bank.

How to Find MICR Code of Jalgaon Janata Bank

Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank MICR code can be found online. There are lists provided on many websites. Or else you can also find it by narrowing your search by entering the state, bank branch name.

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