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Andhra Bank IFSC Code

About Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank is one of the medium-sized public sector bank (PSB) in India. It was founded by Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya on 20 November 1923. As on 31 Mar 2015, this particular bank has 2232 automated teller machines (ATMs), 15 extension counters and 38 satellite offices. It comes with a network of 3000 branches plus planning to open 300+ branches in a successful manner by 31 March 2016. This bank entered the states of Himachal Pradesh and Tripura during 2011–12.


The Andhra Bank at present operates in 25 states and three Union Territories. Its headquarter is located in Hyderabad, in the state of Telangana, in South India. As on date, Andhra Bank is 100% CBS, this will largely benefit the esteemed existing and potential customers, who will have direct access to financial and banking services anywhere and anytime through multiple delivery channels. In 1981, this bank is a pioneer in successfully introducing Credit Cards in the country. It attained the status of being No. 1 with regards to the number of Life Insurance Policies mobilised successfully amongst all the agency banks directly dealing with the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Under Bank Assurance (Non-Life), this bank also has good tie-up with United India Insurance Company Limited.

What does Andhra Bank offer to its esteemed customers?

• Under the category of retail, the bank offers the facilities of mutual funds, insurance, payments, DMAT, cards, loans and deposits.
• Under the category of corporate and NRI, the bank offers the facilities of loans and advances, project appraisal and syndication of loans.
• Under the category of agriculture, the bank offers the facilities of short term agri credit, agri term credit, women empowerment, social schemes, RSETIs and other procedures.
• Under the category of Micro, small, medium enterprise, the bank offers the facilities of care center, MSME policy, OTS scheme, various other schemes, credit and overview.

Andhra Bank provides online services in the form of Mobile Banking mPAY, Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), Indirect Taxes, Blocking ATM/Debit Cards, Credit Card -Online Portal, PrePaid Card - Customer self care portal, Online Tax Payment, TaxPayers Corner, Andhra Bank Credit Card Bill payment through Bill Desk, Tax payment thru ATM, AB BillPay, AB Online Shoppe, AADHAAR SEEDING, SMS Banking, Online – Trading, AB Lock Box Facility, IndiaFirst Online Services, e-rail Ticketing, Tele – Banking, Religious Offering and Verified by Visa / 3d Secure Code.

IFSC Code and MICR code of Andhra Bank

In the banking industry, the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) plays a significant role as it assist in carrying out smooth monetary transactions through different modes such as RTGS plus NEFT. It is to be remembered that the IFSC code for Andhra Bank starts from ANDB0******. On the other hand, the MIRC code of each and every Andhra bank branches largely differs by having its own identity to assist in banking activities.

How to Search Andhra Bank IFSC and MICR codes?

You can easily search for IFSC and MICR codes of all the minor and major Andhra Bank branches which are scattered across the country with very simple methods given below:
• Just choose the banks name from the drop down menu, i.e. Andhra Bank.
• Then, select the state in which your Andhra Banks Branch is located.
• Once you have selected the state, you should select the city to narrow down your search options.
• Then, choose the bank branch name or locality in which it is located.
• Once you have clicked the final button, all the details and information related to IFSC code and MICR code, the branch address, phone numbers, etc appears as per your requirement.

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Andhra Bank IFSC Code News:

Former Andhra Pradesh official convicted for loan fraud along with two others

The special CBI Court today convicted a former branch manager from Andhra Bank and two others for committing a fraud while sanctioning a loan. The three people to be convicted are the owner of Rasi Cotton corporation RG Ramana retired govt. executive engineer K Anjaneya Prasad and the former Andhra Bank Employee Mr Yedhuri Jaya Paul. The presiding judge was  Mr G Sunitha Paul and Ramana Reddy were convicted with simple imprisonment for 5 years and a fine of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh  respectively . Prasad was punished with simple imprisonment for six months and a fine of Rs 50,000. According to CBI Paul processed the application of loan of Rs 42 lakhs submitted by the firm of Ramana Reddy based on false documents and the recommended open cash credit limit for him. This was done despite objections from senior officials. Prasad overvalued the land kept as security by Ramana in an attempt to facilitate the loan in conspiracy with the other accused. The court acquitted the then Deputy Manager.

2016/07/02 08:57 PM

Farmers told to renew crop loans

The Nizamabad Andhra zonal bank manager V Venkateshwar Rao said that Irish credit of Rs 1 lakh will be available on zero interest. He also mentioned that for Rs 1 lakh a concessional rate of interest will be charged.. On Saturday the local Andhra Bank zonal manager Mr V Venkateshwar Rao said that with the onset of monsoons the farmers should renew the loans for crops and they should secure a high amount based on scale of finance. By renewing the crop loans he said they could obtain a loan of Rs 1 lakh at 0 % rate of interest. He revealed that the farmers who renew the crop loans by July 31 could enroll themselves under the newly introduced PM fiscal bheema yojana . Through the bank accounts their premia will be paid by the banks to the companies. In the case of farmers who opt for cotton and those who have secured Andhra Bank loans in Nizamabad and Medak districts the payment of insurance premia will be handled by the Reliance insurance.He also said that those farmers who have not repaid the loan and who are facing non recoverable dues could opt for one time settlement before 30 June in consultation with the local managers of Andhra Bank

2016/06/21 10:47 PM

Crop loans renewed by Andhra Bank

Andhra bank started to renew farmer crop loans in all its 81 branches in the bank zone comprising Medak and Nizamabad districts. Also if the bank loan is repaid within 12 months there would be a waiver of interest on crop loans.While talking to the Hindu the bank zonal manager made an appeal to the farming community to not be under the impression that the bank was not going to renew the loan until the third installment of the waiver of the loan was not remitted by the government to the bank.He also mentioned that there were 75,000 crop accounts in the zone and an amount of Rs 60 Cr was extended towards them. Lastly he said that if the farmers could afford to repay the amount it would be beneficial to them itself.

2016/06/20 08:36 PM

Andhra Bank ties up with mobile payment app Chillr

With mobile payment app Chillr, Andhra Bank has came in to tie-up. This tie up permits Andhra Banks esteemed customers in order to transfer money instantly to any contact on their phonebook. A initial-of-its kind application is Chillr. It is linked directly to the customers bank account wherein the esteemed user can perfectly transfer money to any person within India. It is to be noted that for this particular process, the customer need to download this app plus registers. The app is readily available on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems plus it is easy to use. This app also comes with other features such as a quick check on ones account balance, splitting of bills between friends/colleagues, DTH and data cards, recharging prepaid mobile phones and special discounts at specific merchants.

2016/03/26 05:48 AM

Andhra Bank comes with its new branch at MMDA Colony

At MMDA Colony, Andhra Bank opened its new branch. This particular occasion was attended by G.R. Sundaravadivel, former director, Andhra Bank, Ameer Basha, councillor, M.Nagaraju, zonal manager, Andhra Bank and C. Kamaraj, managing director, Tamilnadu Salt Corporation and Tamilnadu Cement Corporation. In Chennai zone, this is its 102nd branch. In Chennai city, it is also the 66 branches. The new branch is located at No.5 & 7, Tamizhar Street, Padmanabha Nagar, MMDA Colony, in Chennai zone, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India.

It is to be remembered that Andhra Bank was founded on 20 November 1923; it is nearly 92 years ago. Its founder is Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya. At present, its key person is Suresh N Patel who holds the position of MD & CEO in this esteemed bank. The products exclusively dealt for its esteemed customers are Consumer banking, corporate banking, Credit cards, finance and insurance, wealth management, private banking, Agricultural Loans and many more in the open market.

Andhra Bank has already received prestigious awards such as MSME NATIONAL AWARD, BEST PUBLIC SECTOR BANK by State Forum of Bankers Club Kerala, BEST BANK – for the Quality of Assets by Business Today and BEST BANK MID-SIZE Businessworld – PricewaterhouseCoopers Survey for Indias Best Banks 2010.

2016/02/01 06:44 AM

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